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Laura started her career with engineering and technology in middle school, where she took several basic computing classes that helped her to build a strong foundation in technology. She is also part of the STEM/ Magnet program at wheeler, and continued her interest in engineering and by joining the BEST robotics team in freshmen year of high school and Society of Women Engineers sophomore year, which has allowed her to explore her passion for computing and engineering. She also took science classes like AP Biology, AP Physics, and math classes, but she enjoyed Magnet Foundations the most, where she got the opportunity to work with programs like Google Sketch-up, Photoshop, and AutoCAD to design balsa-wood structures. Her design on the balsa-wood structure was the best in the class and held the most weight. Laura has won many academic awards. She received the highest grade average for Analytic Geometry B, and received an award for this subject area. She was also chosen for the class award for Magnet Biology, and received an academic letter and a service letter. She hopes to major in Civil Engineering and encourage more girls to get involved in STEM.