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His love of computer science was born with the first program he ever wrote: a “magic 8 ball” that predicted the future. At age 10, he practiced coding as a hobby, and as an adult he turned the science into a career. Rhodes earned a BS in Computer Science from Weber State University in 2014, which was preceded by his achieved BA and MS degrees in Psychology—Weber State University in 2008 and Utah State University in 2012. Rhodes' teaching path started 8 years ago, where he applied his studies in Psychology to work as an instructor and test administrator for the Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment, a diagnostic treatment center specializing in adolescent mental health. While in that position, he enjoyed working with diverse teens from all over the world, and introduced students to computer science by interjecting code into all activities, from building simulations, to solving puzzles, and coding games and adventures. Rhodes now works for Weber School District teaching courses such as Computer Programming, Web Development, and Exploring Computer Science. Teaching aside, the best part of his current job is introducing non-traditional students to the field. He enjoys seeking out anyone who may have the slightest inclination to learn, and he looks forward to several more years of helping teens find their passion in computer science.