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Krisha is a junior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. Her interest in computer science stems from early experiences with organizations like FIRST, Girls Who Code, and ACSL, ultimately developing her passion for bridging the gender gap in computer science. Her spark for the computer science field was because of a computer science conference, which encouraged her to explore the field and work against the male dominance of the industry. She is very enthusiastic about math, biology, and computer science and is interested in the intersection of these realms. In the future, she aspires to attend a four-year university and become a biomedical engineer with a focus on neurology. She would love to explore these interests by opening a research institute and working with peers to research revolutionary cures to some of humanity’s deadliest diseases. She is currently working on a research project under Dr. Moran Cerf’s guidance at Northwestern University, working to analyze neural connections that affect perception and judgment. In the future, she would like to continue researching the wondrous processes of human brains and expand her research to include a variety of scenarios. Asides from academics, she enjoys dancing, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family. Krisha is also involved with teaching at a dance academy, developing as an aspiring entrepreneur, and clubs, such as Red Cross committee, HOSA, math team, and the track team. As a recipient of multiple STEM awards, Krisha is very grateful for the opportunities she has received in the field of technology and would love to continue creating similar opportunities for women in the future.