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Kiiya is a hardworking, exceptional student. She is a down to earth, heartfelt, caring, mindful, and an old-fashioned person, raised by a military associated family with a Native American nationality. She takes her work very seriously. She does her work to her absolute best ability and tries to do everything with accuracy. She uses failing as a motivation to work harder and to learn from her mistakes. She is a student of mathematics, science, technology, engineering, automation, CNC Machining, website building/coding(JS,HTML,CSS), cyber security, and Art in between. Creativity is a big part of her personality as well as her love and passion for mathematics. She is a hands on type of student and a team player who has the confidence of being a leader. Her future goals are to go to MIT or any other high technical colleges. She wishes to major somewhere in the fields of S.T.E.M, Machine Tool Tech, Computer Tech, etc, so she can become an aerospaceengineer, mathematician, Cyber Security Technician, or something along those lines. However, being an independent and resposible student living with only her disabled mother, for imminent future reference, she will try to work up the amount of money after high school, in order to pay for herself to go to college. When Kiiya goes to college, she would like to be studying projects that involve the subjects mentioned previously, including creative and hands on projects. Her greatest technical accomplishment(s) were receiving a certificate in the Resilient Coders Training Program at Everett High School, and recieving an award for Student of the Month in Machine Tool Technology II as of this year (2019).