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Kevin McKee received his BS in Engineering Technology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in 1983. For over 20 years he worked as a Software Engineer and IT Manager, designing and managing systems in the avionics, medical device manufacturing, commercial MRP software, and undersea defense industries. After teaching AP Computer Science part time for 2 years, he left the business world for good in 2006 to teach full time. He often says about his decision to teach, “If you ask anybody on the street who made a big impact on their life, almost nobody would answer ‘The network guy at work’, but just about everyone will respond with the name of a teacher who had a big influence on them.” Mr. McKee loves teaching CS and does it as hands-on as possible. He believes kids will learn the craft of programming by actually programming, not by listening to him lecture about programming. He is part of the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, which features a remarkable 50% female enrollment. Kevin is very proud of his female students who go on to major in CS or related disciplines, keeps in touch with many of them, and notes that they are frequently at the top of their college classes. In his spare time, Mr. McKee likes surfing, sailing, cycling, cooking, and “…mostly loves being with my family in Santa Barbara!”