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Mom of two boys, one in 7th grade and one in 9th grade. Second year teacher, certified in Florida for Computer Science, teaching at All Saints Academy, 6-8th grade Technology and Design and 9th-12th grade Mobile Computer Science Principles. I also co-teach an Innovation Studio, a special class that is part of a collaboration with Nuvu Innovation Studio in Cambridge, MA. The class follows an architectural studio model that presents students with a theme/problem space. The students have a semester to sketch, design, prototype and iterate solutions using modern technology such as 3D printing and laser cutting. I coach students rather than teach them in this studio, providing alternate ideas for solutions and give guidance for technology tools as needed which may include Arduino, Fusion design, circuitry, programming, etc. The themes change each semester and my current semester's theme is 'Memorizing the Manual' Prior to teaching, I spent the last few years finally finishing my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, where I was a minority as a woman. The experience had an effect on me that I share readily with my students to encourage more women to pursue technology and computing. My past work history includes human resources and recruiting in the staffing industry. My hobbies include following the Maker movement, attending Maker faires, playing video games, nature photography, gardening, kayaking and camping. I am in the second year with my Girls Who Code Club which doubled in size since last year. I was a proud emcee and mentor of our county's first ever hack-a-thon last year, #polkhacks. I enjoy volunteering and speaking about Computer Science education, STEM education and addressing the gender gap in technology. I am excited to be presenting for the first time ever in a display session at FETC 2018 with a collaborative Art/Science/3D Printing Lesson Plans and Project I worked on in 2016. I co-lead the Garden club at our school where I am encouraging girls to use technology in the planning of a new butterfly garden through blogging, web design, 3D printed plant markers and eventual QR codes for our plants and garden.