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Kelley has been programming since 6th grade. Aside from school assignments, she has multiple personal projects including a three-year long pet simulation text game she made during middle school, applying any new concepts she learned during that time to it. She has participated in four (4) hackathons, innumerable(???) CTFs, and three(3) programming competitions. Award(s): Girls go Cyberstart: Maryland- 2nd place National- 5th place Greatest technical accomplishment: A chat simulator using Markov Chains and the transcript of everything her classmate's texted on hangouts. Or maybe building a dashboard in excel to analyze business data using pivot tables and many functions. But the chat simulator was more fun and way less useful. Future plans: Be the next Steve Jobs. Or just go to a decent college and get a decent job. Whichever comes first. Interests: Art, Programming, Cybersecurity, Writing stories, Dreaming of grandeur.