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Katie is a senior in high school. She currently knows Java, LabVIEW, MIT App Inventor, and Python. In the future she plans to continue working with those languages, and she is also interested in C++. She is highly involved with FIRST Robotics. She did FIRST LEGO League for two years, and then graduated into FIRST Tech Challenge (she is currently in her seventh year on FTC Team #3595, Schrödinger's Hat) and FIRST Robotics Competition (she spent three years as a member of FRC Team #3132, Thunder Down Under and is now on FRC Team #614, Night Hawks). She was also on Team USA for the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge. Her teams have won numerous awards for programming, design, outreach, and more. In 2015, her FTC team was honored to receive the grand champion's award, the Inspire Award, at the FTC World Championship. In 2017, her FRC Team won the Chairman's (Grand Champion's) Award at the FRC World Championship. She is also very involved with the robotics community on a local, statewide, and global scale. She assists other teams with programming, and some of her most recent events include volunteering as a technical advisor at tournaments throughout the Chesapeake area, giving presentations at various local events, and mentoring other teams from around the globe. Katie is also a founding member of the FIRST Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Youth Advisory Committee. She is also a student administrator for LGBTQ+ of FIRST, and she helps to run numerous other online programs for FIRST teams and students. Katie is the youngest Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer in the world -- she received this status at age 13 and is actively working towards becoming a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD). Katie plans to study computer science and mechanical engineering during college. She is very interested in control systems, and she hopes to one day work for a company focusing on autonomous rockets.