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The core of Kanokwan’s passions lie in bettering the lives of others and she has taken major steps to attain these goals. Her biggest life-changer was definitely attendance of the MIT LaunchX Entrepreneurship Accelerator, a program in which students are given one month to make a real business—all in the heart of bustling Boston. The environment of like-minded peers and experts to aid in the process was her favorite part. This experience put real life into perspective with writing business plans, prototyping her product, attending networking events, and being able to work with her team—leading up to the highly anticipated demo day in front of a panel of professionals and venture capitalists. At home, she works as the manager of a local business and has worked up to deeply-valued board positions as President of Coding Club, Vice President of VEX Robotics, and Build Captain of Science Olympiad. Noticing that her school had several coding classes, she decided to take it upon herself to start coding club in order to give these students an outlet to showcase and practice their skills. In VEX, she has gone to internationals and has led her team for 6 years straight. In Science Olympiad, she has gone to nationals for 4 years and as the build captain, worked extensively in the engineering aspects of the club. She strives to enter the business administration field with a mechanical engineering background. Kanokwan holds the strong belief that every puzzle has a solution and that every person has a piece, that it’s all a matter of finding the right pieces to make something beautiful. Consolidation of ideas is her specialty as meeting new people and truly understanding them is one of her favorite aspects of life. Kanokwans hopes to attend college at MIT to study how businesses are managed and the mechanical engineering behind products in efforts to further her career and creed of helping the world around her.