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Kanimozhi currently attends Glenda Dawson High school as a junior who is very interested in the world of STEM. She aspires to become a successful female leader in her community and hopes to excel in a field that is traditionally dominated by men. She plans on attending a four year university to major in engineering and computer science. She has completed a four year summer program, Houston PREP. This program focused on teaching young students the computer skills necessary to evolve in the STEM field. She learned to use the languages java and python as a result of attending this program which furthered her interest in the STEM field. In this program she had the opportunity to build a robot from scratch and code it to complete various tasks. She also attended, ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering), a mentorship program, where she had first-hand experience of a structural engineering role. In that role, she contributed to the design process of a transportation hub. She earned the second place award in a regional competition for the work she did over creating the structure of a transportation hub. She also learned to use different company tailored software programs such as Revit giving her experience with real word applications. What also prompted her interest in the STEM field was the concerning ratio of females to males. Being able to create a difference as a woman is one of her greatest goals in life, and she wants to do so through experience in the computing world.