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From a young age, Kaitlyn has been intrigued by electronics. Her fascination with breaking things down and figuring out how they worked began with her treks into the world of game console hacking. Now, as a junior ITS student at Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School, she practices her passions in real-world situations almost daily. Enrolled in the Cisco Networking Academy, she has completed countless hours of coursework detailing nearly every aspect of computing, from hardware and software to security and networking. Academically, Kaitlyn is an ambitious student, enrolled in Honors and Advanced Placement courses of high vigor and maintaining a steady A average. However, she does not limit her learning to the school environment. She recently self-studied for and passed the two tests required to obtain her CompTIA A+ certification, a credential she utilized to obtain a job at a managed services provider through her school's Cooperative Education program. Kaitlyn also attended Harvard's Summer Coding Academy, where she learned fundamental computer science concepts and gained a love for programming. She has further built on her knowledge of the Python programming language ever since. Currently, she is enrolled in a Unity course through Udemy which doubles as a C# course, another language she hopes to become fluent in. Kaitlyn has also utilized her skills in the workplace, holding two summer jobs at her school. She was trusted enough to be granted administrator-level privileges, which she used to manage over 1300 records of student and teacher data, create schedules, and configure devices for incoming pupils and staff alike. Additionally, she served as a technology associate in a retail store, maintaining and repairing customer computers and selling products. Despite not being one-hundred-percent certain about what she wants to do, Kaitlyn intends to attend a four-year college and hopefully utilize her technological skills wherever she ends up. She enjoys running, knitting scarves, playing Nintendo games, and trying out whatever wacky ideas come to her mind.