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Jennifer is a currently a senior attending UCLA Community School. Her interest in Computer Science started in 7th grade when she explored programs such as Scratch - an MIT Program, Lego Mindstorm, and MIT App Inventor. Jennifer then self studied HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, R and C (by taking Harvard's popular CS50x class). She took the AP Computer Science class, and passed the exam in 2014, as the youngest and only female student at her school. One of Jennifer’s proudest achievements is when she spoke to her middle school math teacher about creating a CS elective for students in grades 7-10 to stress the importance of CS where she exposed 409 students. In addition, she also serves as a Tech Administrator, and is the Lead Engineer for Girls in Motion who yearly competes in the Technovation Challenge. Her group’s projects included stopping children procrastination by allowing the parent to control their phone for a limited amount of time but also creating a database which can look up common knowledge information in any topic. When Jennifer is not coding away, you can see her tutoring students in math/science or helping senior apply to college in addition to financial aid but also helping freshmans through juniors apply to enrichment programs. As a Latina who hopes to study engineering, Jennifer wants to major in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology with a minor in computer science. With her spark of interest, Jennifer hope to create robots that can help people during natural disasters by creating a filter system for clean and drinkable water in developing countries. She will also like to start a non profit organization to continue inspiring children in her community.