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Jeff Blackman has focused his teaching on increasing student’s participation in technology and engineering since 1999. As a teacher of mathematics and engineering Jeff believes that the best education is a hands on approach to learning. In his Engineering I class, students design, build and test projects from bridges to stirling engines. Students explore different types of engineering including civil, mechanical and electrical. The engineering process is reinforced throughout the year, and students learn from both their failures and their successes. Students then proceed to his Engineering II class, where they compete in the Electrathon America or First Robotics FTC competition. Students’ learn necessary skills to complete their projects including welding, fabricating, computer programming and design processing. Students are also required to research colleges and universities for engineering, math or science. At home, Jeff enjoys being a father and husband, Boy Scout leader, windsurfer, kite-boarder, skier, and bicycler. He lives in Hood River, nature’s playground for kids and adults.