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Jazmin is a senior at Centennial High School who is very interested in computer science. She took an e-textiles fashion design class her junior year and has since been interested in the computer science field. What interested Jazmin was working with LilyPad Arduino in her e-textiles fashion design class, she thought being able to create your own code to manage components such as LED lights, buzzers, switches was fascinating. Since then, over the summer Jazmin attended camps at New Mexico State University with YWIC and CS Adventures to be able to gain more experience in the field. She also attended a camp at the White Sands Missile Range Base with GEMS, which was an amazing experience and furthered her interest more. Jazmin has since been trying to learn more about programming so she is able to create her own projects eventually. After high school, she plans on pursuing a career in Cyber Security because she likes how challenging it is.