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Jannie is a senior at Homestead High School. The academic accomplishment of which she is the most proud of is her school Green & White award her AP Computer Science class. In that class of 6 girls and 26 boys, Jannie was recognized by her teacher for being a proficient coder, a model student, most importantly, the most approachable in the class and the most willing to discuss issues and coding strategies. She proved her worth as a valuable contributor, as well as being exciting and fun to work with. She felt especially proud that she was able to break the stereotype of boys being better at coding, and had been able to show that the women can thrive in CS and STEM fields as well. As the vice president of the school robotics club, Jannie works on design, fabrication, and programming, and coordinates all 5 subteams to make sure everything gets done on time. Administratively, she manages fundraising and coordinates with outside sponsors and school authority. She leads the team to incorporate the best of their ideas into the robot and build a strength-based team with a lot of collaboration. The team won the 2nd place in the annual FIRST Robotics Utah Regional 2018. Jannie intends to pursue computer science in college, engineering for humanity and pulling women forward. She is drawn to CS for its challenge, the constantly changing frontiers, and the opportunities to redraw the boundaries. Computer graphics piques her interest the most, and she’d like to study this further in future.