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Jamie is a high school senior at McMinnville High School who aspires to make an impact on the world through software engineering and artificial intelligence. She taught herself programming in Junior High School in order to program her own computer games. Finally, she was given the chance to apply her knowledge to real world application as she started the Engineering & Aerospace Sciences Academy (EASA) program, which follows Project Lead the Way curriculum.This year, she is now President this year of EASA and has the opportunity to help others pursue their engineering dreams through STEM education. Also, she is currently lead programmer of her FIRST Robotics Challenge team where she can further explore artificial intelligence and share her love of STEM with younger generations. She also designed and programmed two Nanolab experiments that were tested on the International Space Station through the NanoRacks program and mentored a younger team to design a third. Recently, she initiated and leads McMinnville High School’s Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam where she is working with Redcross and volunteers in Haiti and Nepal to design a better shelter for refugees in 3rd world countries, funded by a $10,000 grant by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is also working on a variety of personal programming projects, including a machine simulator that she is developing to change the way engineers view the design process and save wasted materials in the manufacturing phase. However, her greatest technical achievement, which is still ongoing today, is leading a team of Autodesk software engineers in the development of an open-source FIRST Robotics Challenge simulator that maps code to robot designs. (Download now at She is also a proud member of National Honor Society (NHS) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and completes many service projects in her spare time, bettering her school and community. Jamie has a 4.0 un-weighted GPA and is projected to be valedictorian of her high school. She hopes to encourage more technical activities or opportunities at her school and in her community. Partnered with a previous NCWIT winner, she helped initiate and volunteer for the event Lake Oswego Girls Engineer held at Autodesk which provided advanced programming demonstrations and networking opportunities for over 50 High School and Junior High girls. She is also a peer tutor for younger engineers and teaches others programming through robotics and the Nanolab project. She also runs physical science demonstrations and judges robotics competitions for local elementary schools. She is a huge FIRST advocate as she volunteers for many FIRST competitions and has mentored two Jr. FLL teams, teaching younger students programming and robot design. In the future, she hopes to study computer science at Oregon State University and start own her own software development company. But ultimately, she hopes to not only inspire new technologies, but inspire people.