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Izabella is a Junior at the Riverside STEM Academy High School. Always having been fond of technology, she considered the possibility of one day becoming an engineer. It was not until 8th grade, after spending countless hours performing simple block coding through the “Hour of Code” program, that she discovered her passion for coding. The following summer, she took her first computer science course at UCR which further solidified her desire to pursue a career in Computer Science as she fell in love processes behind it. Since then, she has taken three computer science and math classes at UCR, and plans to continue this trend by taking a course in Machine Learning next fall. In addition, Izabella works on her long term research project regarding auto-correction software, with the help of Machine Learning profesor, Dr. Shelton. In her free time, she volunteers at the Bobby Bonds Community Center, coordinating and teaching the “Kids Who Code” program that meets every Wednesday. Her love of computer science has only grown and will continue to grow as she plans on majoring in Computer Science, and eventually becoming a teacher to inspire the next wave of computer science fanatics.