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Hope is currently a senior in high school and is pursuing her computer engineering degree at Cameron University. In her college classes she has completed over 24 credit hours and has had several opportunities to grow her skills in Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, NI Multisim, breadboarding and more. While she pursues her degree as a concurrent student, Hope likes to volunteer with several high school VEX robotics programs in her town. Because of her experience as a previous Team Captain and Lead Programmer, Hope has the unique platform to mentor several robotics teams where she teaches members competition programming, autonomous functions, game strategy, notebook management and more. Her goal is to help students reach their team goals and compete on the State, National and World level like she did. As well as volunteering, Hope has founded a Girl's Coding Club at the community Title I elementary school. This after-school club engages young engineers in a fun, hands-on environment. This coding club not only shows these girls real-life applications of complex sequences in programming, but also how to apply the math principles they are learning in class by calculating distance and angles. In addition, Hope is currently partnering with a local museum to host STEM day once a month. The purpose of this outreach is to promote new local STEM opportunities as well as bring more attention to the museum. Hope is currently employed by Cosmetic Specialty Labs to design and 3D print customized bath bomb molds. Similarly, Hope is also employed as a cartographer at the Great Plains Technology Center. With this job, she uses information modeling software, Autodesk Revit, to design building remodels and schematics. Additionally, Hope has become certified as a Maker Bot Operator and is a consultant for the Great Plains Technology Center’s Rapid Prototyping Lab where she works with a variety of 3D printers and other prototyping tools. In her free time, Hope likes to explore the uses of credit card sized computers, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Using these materials, Hope has designed and coded a functional 3D printed robotic hand for a friend's biomedical capstone project. After Hope graduates, she plans on attending The University of Oklahoma and pursue a double major in Electrical Computer Engineering. She plans to join their competitive rover team and continue her work with 3D printers at the Innovation Hub. As of right now, Hope aspires to work for Tesla designing and programming autonomous cars. (