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Since August, 1996 Heather has been a high school educator. During her tenure, she has encouraged women in all areas of technology and even titled her Master's Thesis "Encouraging Girls to Become Interested in IT" because of her love in the field of Information Technology. Heather was one of her School District's first Internet users and her school's first Web Design teacher. She taught lessons about ARPANET, DARPA, and had students learn about Archie and Veronica when using Netscape Navigator before the Google explosion. Heather is definitely a leader in her school district, at her school and in the community. She is a member of several professional organizations both locally and nationally and has served on numerous committees with the Florida DOE. Heather started the first Academy at GBHS, a multimedia academy and brought AP Computer Science Principles to her school. She is one of only two teachers in her District teaching AP Computer Science and has a outstanding pass rate for several Industry Certification exams and the APCSP exam. As the coordinator and lead instructor for the GBHS Academy of Multimedia Design & Technology, Heather has had extraordinary success and since inception in 2011, more than 900 students have received one or more Adobe Industry Certifications and in the 2017-18 school year, she started the Computer Science program and is teaching AP Computer Science. It is her goal to enroll many females in the AP CompSci course and continue to encourage females to become interested in computer-based careers. She is even toying with the idea of starting a Cyber Intelligence & Security Academy at her school for the next school year.