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Hannah Felize

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Hannah is a junior at Liberty High School in Las Vegas, Nevada and an aspiring computer science major. After auditing CS50, an introductory computer science course at Harvard University, she knew as a teen that she wanted to pursue studies in computers further and took additional courses online. Over her high school years, Hannah's technological experience has increased, and she has focused her career to computer science. Her goal is to eventually venture into artificial intelligence and Machine Learning at Washington University in St. Louis. In addition to wanting to decrease the gender gap in the engineering community, Hannah's goal as a computer scientist is to use her computer science skills to make a difference in ways other than commercial uses of computer science. She wishes to use Machine Learning and artificial intelligence to improve technology that would assist people with disabilities and use this technology to find solutions to problems in developing nations. In the future, she wishes to increase her knowledge in computer science, use her skills to contribute to society, and simultaneously become a model for women wishing to pursue a career in computing. In addition to maintaining her 4.0 GPA, multiple AP classes, and extracurricular volunteer activities, Hannah spends her time working on one of her ongoing projects: building her own computer. She expects this to completed by the end of this year, mainly for the purposes of PC gaming and media development. In 2017, she was awarded as the Nevada: Las Vegas Competition winner.