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Currently, Hannah is a junior at Farmington High School. She has been an active member on her high school's robotics team, the Enforcers, for three years. The Enforcers competes annually in the FIRST Robotics Competition. For 2 years, Hannah has served as the electrical committee head. This role includes running workshops to educate other members of the team, as well as being in charge of electrical aspects of our robot. Prior to high school, Hannah participated in a Google Lunar X-Prize Challenge: MoonBots, RoboCup Dance, FIRST LEGO League, and Hour of Code. In the fall of 6th grade to the spring of 8th grade, Hannah participated on a FIRST LEGO League team. In this competition, participants had to research a problem and design a solution to this problem, then present it to a panel of judges. They also had to design and program an LEGO EV3 to preform tasks on a field created by LEGO to earn points for their team. This competition also was strongly focused on teamwork and friendly competition. Hannah's team made it to States in 6th grade. With continued hard work and motivation, they went to States again in 8th grade and won 2nd place in Connecticut. Since then, she has worked to mentor younger FIRST LEGO League teams to pass on what she has learned. In the summer of 2014, after 6th grade, Hannah competed in the RoboCup Dance. In this competition, they programed four EV3 robots to dance to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. They came in 2nd place in their region. This allowed them to advance to the World competition, where they competed in Brazil with teams from all around the world. At this competition, they won the Super Team Award. The following year, Hannah encouraged her team to competed in RoboCup Rescue. This was run by the same organization, but the competition was vastly different. For RoboCup Rescue, Hannah and her team, build and programmed an EV3 robot to navigate its way through a maze, then find and move balls to a designated corner of the board. Through this competition, Hannah focused a great deal of time on learning how to program and use light and ultrasonic sensors. In the summer of 2015, Hannah created a new team for a competition called MoonBots. It was on a small team with two other girls. Together they advanced to phase two of this competition, where they created their own field and tasks for their robot to complete. They designed and built a VEX robot and used ModKit to program it. Additionally, they were given five additional VEX robotics kits to donate to local schools. They chose to run programs in Hartford libraries and public schools, where they taught students about MoonBots and how to use VEX robotics kits. Hannah worked closely with the robots in each stage of building for each competition. From prototyping and designing, to programming and final touches, she collaborated with her team mates to produce the best robot they could. She has learned a great deal from these experiences and wishes to continue learning about engineering and other STEM fields. In school, she took engineering classes, such as Principles of Engineering. In the future, Hannah plans to take more classes involving STEM fields. Additionally, Hannah also runs for Farmington High School's cross country team in the fall, and plays for their softball team every spring. She has been an active member in her girl scout troop since 2nd grade, and has completed her Silver Award. Hannah hopes to complete her Gold Award as well. She also plans to continue her work on the Robotics team, and hopefully become the Director of Engineering on this team as well. For now, Hannah wants to explore other subject areas in STEM. During high school, she hopes to continue the engineering curriculum and complete the Engineering Capstone project. She hopes to study robotics or a field of engineering in college. However, Hannah has not yet decided exactly what she would like to study, as there are so many options and fields relating to STEM. Ultimately, these experiences have created a love of science for Hannah and inspired her to want to learn as much as she can about STEM and engineering.