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Grace was always fascinated with technology as a kid, but when the home computer stopped working Grace, still in fifth grade decided to fix it. This lead to a greater interest in computer sciences. She would work on soldering projects like a voice manipulator, attempt to teach her self coding, and later code a simple game. Grace’s mom saw her drive to become a computer scientist and wanted to help her, so she found a camp to teach her what school could not. When seventh grade ended Grace attended the GenCyber Girls camp. GenCyber opened a new path and dream for Grace in the field of Cyber Security. Today Grace hopes to go to college in a Cyber operations major to pursue a career in the field. While Cyber security is Grace’s main dream that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for awesome projects like making a magic mirror with a raspberry pi. The future is bright in Grace’s eyes and no one is gonna stop her from reaching it.