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Grace is a senior at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky as part of the Math, Science, and Technology Center. She fell in love with computing after her eighth grade science fair project, when a mentor helped improve her project by introducing her to the modeling software NetLogo, which she spent hours learning and programming. In her first year in MSTC she took AP Computer Science and earned a five on the exam. While continuing her computer science education, she decided to join some friends in establishing the computer science tutoring club, to help younger students better grasp computer science topics, lead review sessions for the AP test, and organize an outreach opportunity at a local middle school. The highlight of the MSTC program is their emphasis on research science, particularly a 360 hour capstone research project. For her project, Grace has been working with a mentor at the University of Kentucky to use motion tracking algorithms in the OpenCV library to create a Python program that is able to accurately track the motion of moving structures. This opportunity was a great privilege that she was happy to participate in; she hopes to continue conducting research in college. Over the next four years, Grace hopes to pursue a degree in computer science as well as continuing to emphasize the creativity and ingenuity involved in the computer science field. She is very thankful to her parents, teachers, and mentors for helping her along the way, and can't wait to see what comes next.