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Ever since she was a little girl, Grace was intrigued by putting things together and making them work. Her passion from STEM classes inspired her help found the FLL team at Richfield Middle school in 7th grade as well as guide a Girl Scout troop through earning STEM badges. The next year, the Edina FTC team Piece of Cake recruited her. Grace is a champion for girls in STEM. Grace wanted to make FTC more accessible to girls so she started the Tough Cookies, the first all-girls team in Edina. Grace continued taking STEM classes, both in and out of school and mentored a new FLL team. Upon entering high school, Grace was quick to join FRC Team 1816, the Green Machine, for a very successful season. Her passion for inspiring girls continues as she still actively mentors Edina’s all-girls FTC teams. She participated in the Team’s STEM advocacy trip to Washington DC and was active in outreach, particularly that involving mentoring underrepresented populations in STEM activities. Now, in her junior year, Grace is a leader in the Hour of Code program for Edina, and has been instrumental in the development and creation of one of the most advantageous mechanisms on her Team’s robot. In the future, Grace plans to major in computational and systems biology and minor in tech design. She hopes to develop technology to better understand the connections between genes inherited and disease statistics. In all that she does, Grace aims to impact future generations of STEM.