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Grace has been a student in the Information Technology Academy/ ISSN, which is part of the NAF foundation, for 4 years now at Haverhill High School. In this academy, students participate in rigorous training to become NAF certified, and to prepare for jobs in IT. Her first year in the academy consisted of Principals of IT and Robotics classes. Working with software, hardware, and networks as a freshman, Grace particularly enjoyed her end of semester project. This was to build a computer from scratch on paper. Her Robotics class she took second semester taught her how to problem solve and to work with a diverse group of different people. The Robotics class had taught her the engineering process, and introduced her to coding through Lego Mindstorms. As a sophomore, Grace really jumped into courses that were ideal to what she was interested in. She took an Intro to Programming class that taught her Python, the programming language. Once again, she was learning problem solving skills, like writing pseudocode, and sharing ideas within groups. The next semester, Grace took Computer Systems and gained the skills to take apart a broken computer, label parts, and put them back together, making a functioning computer. Hardware wasn't her game at first, but she worked very hard to make sure that she got it. Now she will gladly name any parts of a computer for you, and tell you what they are used for. With hard work and motivation, Grace gained the knowledge she needed to excel in Computer Systems. During her time in the IT Pathway sophomore year, she won Top 50 in the Lenovo App Challenge, which is a national competition. Her and the group she was in made an app, using MIT App Inventor 2, called ZenGarden. This app lets users draw, drag and drop, and import/export their creations, while having relaxing background music. As a junior, Grace took 3D printing course. This class requires her to make a 3D printer from scratch, with a selected group. After that, Grace and her group designed products to 3D print using selected software. She recently took an AP Computer Science class, which she is very proud about. Although it is a struggle, Grace enjoys coding. Whenever she is unsure about something, she always stays after school to clarify with her teachers and peers. Learning Java is new to Grace, and she wants to make sure she is getting as full of an experience as possible. Grace believes that her most prized accomplishment is making her own application called Studious. She took an Independent Study in App Development her junior year that changed her life. In this study, Grace was on a mission to make an app that changed her school. She created Studious, which connects students to tutors. With an easy user interface, this computational artifact took information from students and tutors. The data would be stored into a fusion table where Grace could connect students to each other. As a senior this year, Grace is taking a database design class. She is developing the skills to make a database in Access 2016. It has only been two months, but Grace has learned about relationships within a database, how to make queries, and how to input limitations to what is put into the database. This class is directly helping with Grace's career path, for she has the idea in her mind to be a Database Administrator. Yet, she keeps her options for a future career open. For extracurricular activities, Grace is on the VIP Team, is apart of a Technovation group her school, is Treasurer of the AV Club, is a Peer to Peer mentor, and works with OnlineForGood. The Violence Intervention Prevention (VIP) Team promotes peace and offers a lot of community service hours. Grace has been on this team for 7 years now. As an Peer to Peer Mentor, Grace converses with different students with different problems. Technovation is a girl coding group that designs apps in MIT APP Inventor 2. OnlineForGood is a group of four selected kids at her school that have the dream of using their online resources to make a positive impact on the world. For college, Grace plans on going to a four year college and majoring in Information Technology. She is considering attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Champlain College, and new England Institute of Technology. The ideal job that she'd like to pursue is a database administrator. After having a creative career of working a high end IT job, she hopes to retire young. Why? So she can move to Kauai, Hawaii to open a business on the island, relating to IT. She hopes to be a head of a business, somewhere on the the island to soak up all the opportunities that come with the sun.