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Gabrielle is a junior at Westborough High School. She is a hardworking student who enjoys learning. Ever since she was little, she has loved art and music. She has won art awards in the Congressional art competition and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She has also received honors in Level 10 Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. It wasn't until freshman year, when she helped her school make a website for their fine arts department that she was exposed computer science. She wanted to learn more and took the Exploring Computer Science course offered at her school, and was introduced to HTML and CSS. She soon realized how much she enjoyed coding because of its creativity aspect. It opened up her interest to other aspects of computer science. In February, Gabrielle attended her first hackathon at MITs Blueprint, where she was inspired by many other students who were passionate about coding. During the summer, she also attended a summer program for girls at Boston University, focusing on cybersecurity. Not only was she exposed to a whole new topic in technology, she also experienced the importance of empowering girls to pursue STEM. Technology is advancing everyday, and in the future, Gabrielle hopes to use her love for art/design and combine it with computer science to make her contribution to this growing field.