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Esha is a sixteen year old sophomore, honors student, and high school field hockey player. She is the president and founder of the Career Connection Club at her school, where she invites women in various STEM fields to speak about their careers and to encourage young women to enter male-dominated fields. Esha’s interest in STEM was sparked with her participation in a camp over a period over three years at Qualcomm. This was her first exposure to building apps using an Arduino and developing her public speaking skills. She is a volunteer and member of the BeWise program, where she has had the opportunity to learn more about careers in the engineering field. As a Girl Scout, Esha has participated in the Technovation Challenge for two consecutive years, where she has designed apps to solve problems in her community. She was invited to speak at a Girl Scout gala in September 2018 about her experiences in STEM, about her Girl Scouts scholarship of $2,500 for an essay about privacy and social media as well as about her aviation exploration trip to the Southwest Airlines headquarters in Dallas. Esha is a volunteer and an advocate for the ALS Association of San Diego, and has raised thousands of dollars through recycling and fundraising efforts for ALS research. After completing college, Esha would like to be a software engineer.