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I have a unique perspective about women in tech. Prior to becoming a classroom teacher, I was employed in industry. I began my career as a computer programmer for the Internal Audit department of a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate, which led me into a career as an EDP auditor. After I left EDP auditing, I became a systems assurance consultant for a Big 10 public accounting firm. My next move was into a position as the manager of the project office for a large software development project in the Finance Industry. In each and every one of those positions, I was very often the “only woman in the room.” I honestly did not pay much attention to that until I had my own daughter. I began my teaching career when my children were born, and I became keenly aware of the bias present towards women in STEM even at the junior high school level. I became a champion for increasing the participation of underrepresented populations in all aspects of technology. My personal mission is to make Computer Science and technology available to all students, especially women and other underrepresented populations. In order to accomplish my mission I have attended the Tapestry workshop on two occasions, I am involved with App Camp 4 Girls and have presented at local and national conferences. I am also the only female computer science teacher at my school, which I believe provides a role model for the girls who attend.