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Emma first became interested in computing and technology three years ago, during her freshman year of high school. One of the classes she took, Game/Sim Foundations, introduced her to coding and computer science and she has been determined to make a career of it ever since. By continuing to take computer classes these past few years and becoming involved in her own school's tech club, she has been able to further her experience in computing and technology. Emma took AP Computer Science Principles during her sophomore year, Game/Sim Design during her junior year, and is currently enrolled in four different technology classes including Digital Media Fundamentals, Game/Sim Programming, Tech Support, and AP Computer Science A. Additionally, Emma joined Girls Who Code during her junior year and still actively participates now that she is in her senior year. Emma hopes to further her experience with technology in the next year and beyond by continuing to learn in her classes, participating in Girls Who Code, and hopefully working toward a degree in the field of computing and technology while in college.