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Emily first started to code at the age of ten when she created an animation that said “Happy Birthday” for her grandmother. In her freshman year of high school, Emily started an art website for her art class and continued updating it for two years. During junior year, she learned how to code HTML and CSS using the platform Aptana. hard coded her own website, and created several of her own games by using JavaScript. She also coded a website as a favor for a teacher, and joined the school club Girls Who Code. In her senior year, Emily took AP Computer Science A and started learning Java. Emily plans to take a Business major at a four year university, and ultimately matriculate for a graduate degree. After working for a professional real estate company, she plans to run her own family business and incorporate technology. Emily’s family business does not use any technology at the moment, but she is working to address that problem. She started a paid internship with that business in 2017, and has used Excel to record revenue deposit for apartment buildings. Some of Emily’s anticipated future projects will involve a social project coordinating housing solutions for the homeless and abandoned animals.