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Emilie has been heavily involved in many technology programs and companies. She has even developed her own apps for the Android, including an app for the game M.A.S.H. and apps geared for promoting health in kids as part of Michelle Obama's Fight Against Obesity. Emilie currently works as a graphics analyst for LocAid, an international company that lets users track the location of their mobile devices. Emilie was first introduced to the inner workings of high technology through the Technovation Challenge, of which her team was the very first winner in 2010. Emilie has continued to help with Technovation as her school's club president and as a National Fellow aiming to help Technovation go global. Emilie has many aspirations for the future but is most fascinated by AI, robotics, and how neuroscience and technology can come together to help improve the lives of those that have physical and mental disabilities.