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Elba M. Sepúlveda has a doctor degree in Curriculum and Education with a minor in Distance Education, a master in Science and a bachelor degree in Theoretical Physics. She is teaching Physics, Astronomy, Research and Technology Principles at CROEM, which is a public boarding high school, specialized in math, science and technology, from the Department of Education. Students with high GPA are selected from the island. She is the coordinator of CROEM Solar Team which is a group of students that constructed a real size solar car for competitions. Also she is a professor at university, giving workshops and professional development for K-12 science teachers at University of Puerto Rico and Interamerican University. During the summer she collaborates with the computational physics department of Dark Energy Survey Project at Femilab. As a Teacher Research Associate she had the opportunity to get information about recent research as well as getting more educational resources for her classes. Elba has a website for Latin-American people who want to learn about Physics. This website has more than 100,000 monthly hits. There you can browse to find information about most of the Physics topics, laboratories and educational resources ( Her goal is to give her students the best educational experience in classroom.