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Ever since she was 6, Eden has had a passion for technology. She attended Destination-Science several times, a program focused around rockets, physics, and robots. Since then she has also attended HighTechHigh, where she built a robot out of Legos and programmed it to maneuver through obstacles. Eden has been accepted into selective academic programs for highly gifted youth at John Hopkins (CTY) and Stanford University (EPGY) and has eagerly participated in the programs for 5 summers studying Model-UN, Bio-Medicine, Psychology, Flight-Science (Aerodynamics & Physics) and Logic. At her school she has completed Introduction to Programming I & II and AP Computer Science A, Design and Data Structures Honors and is taking an artificial intelligence class online through Stanford University. Eden is the vice president of the Computer Science Club, and a member of the Robotics and Rocketry Club. She has also completed an internship at the Center for Embedded Network Sensing (CENS) in UCLA, where she was the head Android programming for her team. She also does extensive volunteer work and plans on having a double major studying computer science or artificial intelligence programming and biology.