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During her sophomore year, Divya volunteered at Camp G.A.M.E.S., inspiring young females to take part in STEM. activities like robotics. She soon joined the Wheeler Robotics team, and she led the BEST Robotics Presentation team to state victory her first year. This year, she is serving as the Leadership Club co-president, and she organized a 5K along with two other friends to raise money for research and awareness for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Also, she just finished an internship at Carvalho & Associates, focusing on environmental law and cases involving stormwater runoff. Divya is very involved with her school's robotics club and STEM camps. With her STEM and Robotics experiences, she accepted the opportunity to intern in the Electronics Systems lab at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. The goal for the summer was to create a sign for no parking zones that would output "No Parking" in five different languages, and Divya got to build and design a circuit board for the sign. She aspires to major in electrical engineering and computer science.