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Divya began her path through technology courses as a freshman in an introductory class to programming and she noticed she was the only girl in the class. From there, Divya’s interests took off and then continued on to take many more computing and technology classes. Divya spent a summer interning at Northwestern University working with bio-informatics. She had to graphically represent the biological processes of the Dictyostelium Discoideum organism. This internship fueled her passion for combining the organic sciences and technology. Divya volunteers her time to a program that teaches senior citizens how to work computers. She is also a tutor at her school to teach other students how to use Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story. Divya is also the co-captain of her school’s Scholastic Bowl Team and she also works as an ambassador of sorts to new and transfer students to her school. Divya hopes to make a career out of bio-informatics.