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Deepali's greatest technical accomplishment was leading and making an Android app, requested by the school's student body, for the entire school. The app currently has over 700 downloads, and she has received many positive feedback from her school. Additionally, she has lead, created, and launched another android app addressing safety issues in her community. She currently is president of the Women In Computer Science club at her school. In the past summer, she interned at the San Diego Super Computer Center to create a live dashboard with data from bio-technical companies, while also interning at WeCan to develop a curriculum for the new AP Computer Science Principles course. In addition, she is software lead of the Robotics club and is the leader of one of the teams in the cybersecurity club. She also mentors a First Lego League Team and founded a club in the library to teach young children and girls about Computer Science through various platforms. With skills in HTML5, she plans to build various websites for organizations supporting women, so she can promote and expand them. She has taken many STEM courses including AP Computer Science, AP Physics, and Multivariable at her school. Outside of computer science, she enjoys Indian dancing, calligraphy, and helping others. She plans to get a bachelors degree in engineering with a major in computer science.