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Danielle is an independent, motivated, and social woman who enjoys dancing, playing tennis, and programming in java. In her freshman year, Danielle joined the computer science club as the only freshman with only five other members. Her sophomore year she was able to get her two best friends to join, as well as some of the other girls on her tennis team. They realized that computer club is a lot more fun than it sounds. However, it was not until Danielle's junior year when she finally held a leadership position. She even decided it would be a great idea to rename the club- we now call ourselves the Digital Divas. The club nearly tripled in size and we made a promotion video for our school wide’s Hour of Code. This video gained the club so much press that it was even played at Lasalle College High School, her school’s brother school. This year, there are 47 Digital Divas- all young women interested in computer science and technology. Danielle is so proud to have made such an impact on the way her school views women in STEM and will continue to advocate for girl power for the rest of her life. After Danielle's high school graduation in June 2020, she plans to attend college and study computer science with a pre-medical concentration. Her hope is to use her interest in computer science and technology along with her passion of helping the community to make the health care system more efficient and become a pediatrician along the way.