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Danielle plans to attend college in the fall of 2019 majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Computer Science. She has been studying Computer Science since her freshman year in High School completing intro to Computer Science, honors Computer Science, and AP Computer Science, achieving As in all three courses. Currently she is taking Genius Lab at her school were she is being mentored by the Technology staff, and helps fix technology problems around campus. Also she is taking Innovations at her school, continuing her internship with Operative Flow Technologies and learning about entrepreneurship. She is presently proficient in JavaScript, Java, SQL, Python, HTML 5, Microsoft Azure SQL, Microsoft Power BI, and Database Design. Danielle was an Software Intern for Operative Flow Technology for the summer of 2018 and continues to work part time through this school year. During her internship Danielle was assigned to the team that designs, builds, and deploys the analytics for the OpFlow Platform. This platform is an Operating Room Efficiency and Communication tool that is currently running at UNC REX Hospital. She interviewed the Surgeons and Surgical Staff to determine the types of data and analytics that were needed. Taking these requirements she worked with the Software Engineering team to design a new Data Warehouse to store the data that was needed to produce the required analytics. Next she built the procedures needed in Azure SQL via stored procedures to populate the tables. Lastly she built Dashboards in Power BI to deploy the data. The Data Warehouse and Analytics are currently in Production at UNC REX and being used by Surgeons, Administration, and Staff. She continues to build and refine the Analytics under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer of OpFlow as requirements are defined.