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Daniela, a dedicated student of technology, combines her passion for learning and her knowledge of technology and programming to solve problems in society and education. She is especially fascinated with astrophysics and spends her extra time learning about new discoveries. She enjoys working with people and uses her project management, leadership, and teamwork skills to guide many projects to success. Some of these successes include redesigning her community’s transportation system to increase efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, all under budget. She also led a team to redesign a reverse-osmosis water filter using a new concept of centrifuge filtration. In addition to conceptual and product design, she enjoys doing software projects like working with machine learning and data storage algorithms. Her private home projects all include CADing, where she is self-taught in Solid-Works and Inventor. Her hobby of 3D design was continued when she worked on building her own 3D printer. In her free time, she spreads her passion for learning to her peers through tutoring and creating CAD, algebra, and computer science curriculums. Daniela plans to pursue engineering and computer science through graduate school where she can continue her passion for learning. She plans to use these skills in her mechanical engineering career path, hopefully leading her to a job at a space exploration and satellite data company such as NASA or SpaceX.