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Dakota is a hard-working freshman at The Buckley School with a passion for computer science and technology. She set out to learn to code in fourth grade and has since taught herself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, Python, and Ruby. Dakota's adventures in computer programming opened her eyes to other technology-related worlds and instilled in her early on a love of not just coding but graphic design and web development as well. Dakota's diverse range of interests have not served as a barrier, but as an asset, allowing her to dauntlessly tackle projects of all mediums. In fifth grade, she turned her love of journalism and programming into an online newspaper for her elementary school. As a seventh grader, inspired by her own growing interest in entrepreneurship, she started a website called Launchd to help connect girls and young women interested in business. As a dedicated environmentalist, last year, Dakota started a brand called Wildernation to help inspire people to lead more environmentally conscious lifestyles. Also last year, Dakota entered the Google Play Change the Game Design Challenge with her game concept EcoVerse and was selected as one of five finalists nationwide. She is now working with Google Play and Girls Make Games to bring EcoVerse to life. Now in high school, she continues to pursue her passion for computing and technology. Dakota is a member of her school's programming club, Girls Who Code, and the robotics team, and she is the only girl and only freshman in her AP Computer Science A class. Dakota's love for technology and business have inspired her aspirations of becoming a tech entrepreneur; she wants to use technology to create innovation and solve global and environmental problems, and she dreams of becoming a spoken advocate for gender equality in STEM fields. Dakota wishes to study computer science in college and, until then, plans on pursuing her passions and continuing her expedition to grow her technological skills.