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Curt Minich's fascination with computers began during high school in the early 1980’s when his father, a mainframe programmer, introduced him to Assembly and they built the family’s first personal computer. He is the Computer Department chairperson and a computer science teacher at the Wyomissing Area School District. He is also a long-time adjunct instructor of C++ and Java at the Penn State University Berks campus. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989, he landed a job at the Wyomissing Area High School teaching history, math, and the school's only section of BASIC Programming with eight boys. Still at Wyomissing, his dream job now includes a five-course sequence including Python, AP Computer Science, Android & iOS Apps, and Robotics with over a 100 students 35% of which are girls. Viral recruiting strategies and CS courses that focus on collaboration, soft skills, and gender-neutral, student-developed projects help recruit all students. Curt’s summer workshops for youngsters in Scratch, JavaScript, and robotics draw many girls and are co-taught with high school girls. Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, servos, sensors, and 3-D printers attract students to the school's thriving Maker Culture. His flipped classroom revolves around videos, tutorials, and self-paced instruction allowing for more class time devoted to problem solving, discussion, and collaboration. His students compete in local showcases and competitions. When he is not teaching, Curt enjoys coaching the chess team, running marathons, and teaching his daughter to program Alexa skills, make wearables, and mod Minecraft on Raspberry Pi which is much cooler than Assembly on an Intel 8086.