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Crista is a senior at Lake City High School. She is a self-taught programmer in languages such as Java, R, C++, Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. She has taken courses in game design, AP Computer Science, CS Principles (BSU), and two independent studies concerning principles and application of electronics as well as data structures, algorithms, and computational complexity analysis. She has participated in a number of summer technology programs such as the AFA cyber security camp, Java programming camp, and Dig’nIT Internship program. Through the Dig’nIT internship she has worked in the software development departments of the companies ExtraTech Systems and Virtual Technology Labs, collaborating to produce CNC machine interfaces and VR software respectively. Some STEM extracurriculars she prides herself in include leading the programming team in the TeraViks FIRST robotics club, mentoring other girls in a local Girls Who Code chapter, volunteering at children’s coding camps and the annual Hour of Code event, and captaining her school’s Scholastic Quiz Bowl team. Currently, Crista is working to complete her senior capstone project and Girl Scout Gold Award by developing and teaching a K-12 technology program called “Computer Science Saturdays” at a local makerspace facility. Crista aspires to earn an undergraduate degree in computer science with a concentration in data science at a four-year anniversary. After college, Crista plans to pursue a career in software development and machine learning.