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Clarice is currently a high school student who strives to be a better learner every day and explore her passions in the STEM field. She has explored mechanical, electrical, and software engineering through robotics and self-learning. Her greatest technical accomplishment was the recognition of her COSMOS UCSD Final Project for the High School Gordon Fellow Award. Clarice and her partner were able to develop a closed automated disposal system, testing programming and mechanical/electrical engineering skills. This project opened Clarice's eyes to the world of scientific research and started a desire to help those around her through the STEM skills. With her last two years in high school, Clarice's goal is to develop a sustainable solution for women who struggle with feminine hygiene. She plans to further her educational career to a masters degree and potentially a doctorate degree. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and playing instruments. Clarice is grateful to have the opportunity to learn and to have discovered her love for the engineering world. Not only does she value the importance of education to better herself as an individual, but to use this knowledge to better the world around her.