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Clara is a high school student who wishes to do great things with her future. Clara is proud of all her extracurricular activities she is involved in, being an officer for multiple. Especially Key Club, which she is the president for, in this club Clara organizes volunteer opportunities for the members of the club. She thinks that one way to feel full as a person is to give back to the community because this is the way we stand strongest. Clara's greatest technical accomplishment as of this moment is being able to buy her own camera. She is interested in photography and decided to take initiative to work and purchase her own camera. By doing this she has learned the hard work it takes to pursue something as little as purchasing something and learning on her own. Clara plans on attending a 4-year university, aiming at UCLA or Texas A&M. She is currently undecided for a major, she is not sure what career to pursue she does know that she rather do something in the STEAM field.