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Clara is a senior at St. Luke's School who is focused on studying the intersection of engineering and the humanities, particularly the areas where she is able to pursue both her passions of computer science and literature/art. As part of a "STEM scholars" program at her school, she is currently designing and programming a "video game for change," which is a game that intends to provoke some personal change or social awareness within the player via constructive gameplay. Her game is centered around teaching the importance of individualistic thought and bolstering the player's critical thinking skills. She plans to eventually complete and release the game to the public, where it can either be enjoyed for recreational purposes or possibly implemented in certain school settings for educational and academic purposes. Clara intends to study video game design next year in the Dartmouth Tiltfactor lab, a lab dedicated specifically to the purpose of engineering games for social change. With the booming popularity of video games and the expansive audience that they enthrall, Clara is determined to eradicate the notion that all games are absent of a higher purpose, and hopes to inspire genuine change in the world through the creation of games for good.