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Cindy is a high school student in Maryland who loves all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Cindy has delved herself into coding and research, to understand the deeper aspects of science and technology. Despite her accomplishments, Cindy wasn’t always surrounded by technology, being only introduced to computer science in high school. As a female, Cindy understands what it is like to be underexposed to computer science. So she worked towards bringing programming resources available to underrepresented kids in her community, ultimately founding TechniFusion, a non-profit that provides interest and opportunities to all kids in technology. In addition, Cindy has been involved with NCWIT since 2016, and has been funded over $13,000 to provide resources to children in Montgomery County. Her programs have impacted over 200 students including providing robots, iPads, free lunch, swag, and resources for participants and their parents for pursuing a future career in tech. Cindy is also a Stanford She++ #include Fellow, 1st place winner Montgomery County Science Fair, Elks Most Valuable Student National Semifinalist, NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Honorable Mention, and a member and volunteer for the American Chestnut Foundation. In college, Cindy plans to study computer engineering.