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Cindy is a junior in high school. Her life is basically filled to the brim with science, technology, and leadership activities. Cindy first developed an interest in technology after signing herself up for an ID Tech Java for Beginners summer camp and has since expanded her technological expertise to create programs that improve activities in her everyday life. After noticing that many senior citizens in her community were left behind in the midst of this technological revolution, Cindy created a club, Teach Elders Electronics, that aims to close this technological gap and connect the generations through technology. As president and founder, Cindy organizes a group of tech-savvy students from her high school to visit different retirement centers throughout her community every month and help the residents 1:1 with all of their technological needs. An avid member of her school's Science Olympiad team, Cindy has won multiple national medals, including a first-place finish in Microbe Mission, and is coach of two events in the middle school division, both of which won the state tournament. For her future, Cindy is very interested in combining the fields of technology, in particular, artificial intelligence, with the medical world to provide higher quality and more affordable and accessible healthcare for all people around the world.