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Charissa Kim, an eleventh grader, has had extraordinary accomplishments such as her annual placement in CyberPatriot Nationals (the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition Finals), winning first in the All Service Division this year. Last year, she placed second at the 2017 CyberPatriot Nationals. Her achievements spread across various cyber-related competitions, her programming skills (specifically Java and HTML), and her passion for cybersecurity in her community. Charissa is also a distinguished student and has received acknowledgment from competitions such as Mock Trial and Speech & Debate. Furthermore, Charissa wanted to spread awareness about cybersecurity, so she founded an international, non-profit organization called Cyber Youth Tech (CyTech), where it aims to teach cybersecurity principles to everyone in order to keep the world a safer place. Charissa hopes that she will be able to raise awareness about cybersecurity, computer science, and the S.T.E.M field across the world