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Celine is currently a fifteen-year-old high schooler who developed a passion for coding. She attended an all-girls coding camp, named Kode With Klossy, which sparked her passion for coding. At that camp, she built a website from scratch and was so passionate about it that she fixed up the errors and published it. The website she built combined her two passions, her love for animals and love for code. The website protests animal cruelty in the fashion and beauty industry. It empowers women to take a stand against this toxic side of the beauty and fashion industry. The family she developed at this camp inspired her to enter the Hackedemia coding competition at UCLA. This event that was very impactful for her as it was her first hackathon. She exited her comfort zone to prove girls like her can enter a male-dominated field and overcome the intimidation of the industry. She was one out of only three of the all-girl teams attending. Here she built a tool, in under sixteen hours, to provide underprivileged college applicants information about the resources available to them to overcome their financial disadvantage. She considers this her greatest accomplishment not because her team won the logistics category and third place overall but because she proved to her community that women have the ability to thrive in tech just as much as any male can, and for disproving the male-dominated teams who directed misogynistic comments toward her team. During her free time, Celine is expanding her knowledge of coding along with her, and teaching her female friends and cousins how to code. In the future, she would love to attend a four year school and study computer science to expand her knowledge, passing this knowledge on to her community. She wants to help break the gender gap in the computer science field and prove to girls that women can excel in coding, despite what society tells us. In the future, she wants to continue empowering her female peers to enter the technology field without fear and create a program in honor of the program which inspired her to make her first steps in this field.