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Celeste was born in December of 2000 in Allen Texas. Her parents are Pete Angel Soliz and Joanna Soliz and she currently lives in Fairview Texas. She is attending Lovejoy High School which ranks as #45th in the state of Texas out of 1,785 and #231 Nationally out of 20,500 schools. The best way to describe Celeste is athletic, determined, dedicated and driven. Academically she is currently taking EDD which stands for Engineering Design and Development for her senior year which will include a Senior Engineering project. She has taken Computer Science, AP Computer Science and Robotics Automation and Principles of Engineering throughout high school. She has been accepted to Arizona State University which is ranked #1 in Engineering and plans to major in Aerospace Engineering and one day work for NASA. Not only is she technically savvy she is also very much part of the athletic community. She is attending Arizona State University on an Division 1 Athletic Scholarship to play College Softball for the SunDevils. Celeste would very much like to be considered for the aspirations college scholarship to help her fulfill her dream of both playing college softball and taking a rigorous academic schedule.